A New Tech Experience

Edo Tech Park supports a dynamic environment for innovation, growth and development in technology. With innovation hubs, data centres, co-working and office spaces, it will be home to the largest physical community of businesses and tech talent in the African tech ecosystem.

Investments and Partnerships

Become a real-estate partner in Africa’s fastest-growing tech community. Choose from our diverse residential and commercial real estate portfolio. Enjoy secured investments with guaranteed ROIs.

Why Edo Tech Park?


Gain direct access to a young and dynamic talent pool.


Enjoy access to high-level tech investment opportunities.


Build a diverse real-estate investment portfolio.


Fast and transparent investment process.

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Plug into the $400 billion global software/remote work market.

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Enjoy support from a dedicated community of entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs.

About Edo Tech Park

Edo Tech Park is an exciting live, work, play project that spans over 200,000 square meters in Benin City. It provides state of the art infrastructure to support the growth of Africa’s tech ecosystem.

Designed for convenience, serenity, and collaboration, Edo Tech Park will boost business and talent productivity for technological innovation. It will also accelerate Africa’s economic development through strategic local and foreign investments.

To support its high, level tech community, Edo Tech Park hosts a growing ecosystem made up of live, work apartments, residential and commercial real estate, tech incubators, and offices for rent.

Our Mission

Create an inclusive environment for technological investments.
Accelerate the growth of Africa's tech industry.
Support seamless collaboration and partnership between technology, talent, business and investors.


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Live-and-work Apartments

Benefit from our state-of-the-art residential facilities. From 24-hour power supply to reliable high-speed internet

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Connect with exciting opportunities and top-level tech talent to transform your business.

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Build your wealth by investing in our diverse pool of residential and industrial properties.

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What to Expect


What to Expect

Being built in the heart of Edo State, the tech park will have all the facilities and tools modern businesses and indidviduals need to thrive.

  • 24-hour Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Reliable High Speed Fibre Internet
  • Co-working Spaces
  • Residential Apartments
  • Green Areas & Outdoor work spaces
  • Training Facilities Fitted With Hostels
  • Recreational Facilities


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